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  • Are you overwhelmed with creating online content necessary to increase revenue?
  • Are you tired of researching never-ending digital strategy updates to make the content perform well?
  • Are you looking to take back time for your personal endeavors and not worry about writing copy?

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What is copy?

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Spoiler Alert: What you're reading now is copy.

Copy is everywhere:

  • Homepage content
  • About Me pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media captions
  • Ads

Why does copy matter?

Copy can make or break your business.

Good copy can sell a product or win a new customer.

Bad copy can lose a sale or deter new customers.

Perfecting copy is a science, the perfect combination of information and persuasion.

Why should you invest in a copywriter?

Helen Keller once said, "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much."

So, let's work together to create some engaging and converting copy! Invest in a copywriter to:

  • Get your life back
  • Focus on more important business tasks
  • Get specialized knowledge & professional experience
  • Have a copywriter that knows exactly what to write to sell

Who’s Robyn?

Hello, it’s me! A Pennsylvania-based freelance content and copywriter.

I'm passionate about travel, holistic health, and living life to the fullest. I'm the happiest writing, snuggled up with a good book, and exploring the globe.

Have any book or destination recommendations? I'd love to hear them!

About Me
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It started with a school newspaper...

I've always been obsessed with words. Reading books. Writing stories. Journaling.

I joined my middle school's newspaper and grew more mesmirzed by the power of copy. Helping others share their stories, covering current events, and more. I wanted to do it all.

I later attended college, again writing for the school newspaper, academic journal, and writing speeches. A trip to Europe shifted my perspective from writing for others to writing about myself.

and became freelance copywriting.

The idea to write a travel blog was born during that trip. It took a couple of years to come to life. When it did, I lived in Germany - a dream come true.

While abroad, I dove into freelance writing like it was my job. It wasn't at the time, but little did I know. Just before my move back to the States, I secured my first freelance writing client.

Since then, I've worked with small businesses and entrepreneurs to create effective copy for their websites, social media accounts, email newsletters, and more. Today, I continue to work with companies to craft effective copy that creates results.

Travel Blog Posts

The famed castle nestled in the Bavarian countryside is known for being the inspiration for Disney's Cinderella's castle. (Long-Form Blog)

Highlights from my birthday trip to Strasbourg, France. Like fairytale towns? Check this post out. (Long-Form Blog)

After spending two years living full-time in Europe, I learned a thing or two about how Europe does things better than America. (List Blog)


Client Blog Posts

Home office working woman typing on laptop

My client wanted a blog article to explain the different types of coffee roasts they promote. I was provided with keywords and an outline of highlights. (B2B Blog)

Client was a real estate company in Southwest Florida. They wanted an article that was loaded with SEO for those searching for the best places to retire in Florida, many of which are located in their region. (B2C Blog)

My client sells self-pouring beer and wine walls for restaurants and bars. Typically, beer walls have been more popular. This article was meant to show businesses how a wine pour wall can increase their wine sales. (B2B Blog)

Social Media Captions

It Is A Keeper

Available Services


Website Blogs


Social Media Captions


Podcast Show Notes


“About Me” Pages


Proofreading & Editing


Social Media Account Consultation


Press Release

Writing Services

In need of a blog to explain your newest release? A weekly e-mail newsletter? Awesome!

Website Blogs

Writing blogs can be time-consuming and difficult if writing isn't your strong suit. So provide me with what topic you need, and I'll get to work!

Proofreading & Editing

Get those thoughts down on paper, and let me do the rest. You can be certain your piece will be ready for publishing in no time.

Podcast Show Notes

Show notes are the best way to utilize SEO if you have a podcast. So let me create show notes to accompany your podcast and increase your SEO ranking. Shownotes include timestamps and relevant links.

“About Me” Pages

Writing about yourself is more complicated than you'd think. So I'll write an informational, engaging About Me (or About Us) page to captivate your customers.

Press Release

Does your business have an event coming up that needs to be shared? A few short sentences can do that! So let's get you noticed.

Social Media Services

Your online presence today means more than ever before. I offer multiple services to assist you with it.

Social Media Account Set-up


Best for companies just getting started with their social media presence.


  • Strategize how to best generate traffic back to website and increase revenue
  • Creation of 1 (one) business social media account (Instagram or Facebook)
  • Create account bio optimized with keywords
  • Research and create relevant hashtag list

Social Media Captions

I'll provide one month's worth of social media captions. All I need to get started are the images and any relevant information.


  • Caption list in Google Doc, Google Sheet, or MS Word, or MS Excel format

Custom Hashtag List

Hashtags are a great way to help increase the impressions and views of your social media posts.


  • List of 30 unique hashtags that you can share with your posts.
  • Provided to you via Google Doc or MS Word form


Do you offer packages?

Yes, I love packages! I offer blog, email newsletter, and social media caption packages. If you would like to discuss these package options and more, please send me an email to robyn@robynphilactos.com

Can I get a rush order?

Sure can! When contacting me, please let me know how quickly you need your content. An additional fee will be applied for rushed/expedited orders. *Subject o scheduling.

Can I add more words to a blog article?

Yup! There will be an additional charge for added words over 3000.

Can I request a buik order?

Absolutely! Please contact me via email to discuss your options.

Can I add more keywords to my blog post?

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Yes, you can! You may add up to 6 keywords for each article, for an additional fee.

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